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Complete Transportation Management

West Coast Medical Transportation has a one of a kind operation system. West Coast counts with a team of experts in logistics, customer service representatives, accounts receivable executives, compliance department and a quality assurance. All the departments work together as one team to ensure that the uttermost reliable, safe and family-like experience is provided to all customers. In addition to the great team of experts, West Coast has over 15 years of first hand experience which have become the foundation for the quality and reputation. 


Our fleet is equipped with state of the art satellite-based tracking system that enables to pinpoint the exact location of each vehicle.


This system also allows the logistics department to monitor the driving behavior of each driver. In addition, the established real-time alerts notify dispatchers of harsh driving behavior including, harsh braking, speeding, harsh cornering, quick start, and harsh acceleration.


When it comes to patient safety and peace of mind West Coast is number one. 

GPS Tracking and Monitoring

Safety and Training

At West Coast, all drivers go through a rigorous training period that consists of orientation to the company's’ policies and procedures, hands-on training by experienced supervisors, evaluation and certification.


At the time of hiring, drivers are placed on a 90-day probationary period, in which time the management team at West Coast will select only the best and friendliest employees. It is customary to perform pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing. 


All employees at West Coast avidly abide by the ZERO tolerance drug use policy.


Member support

Friendly bi-lingual (English and Spanish) representatives are ready to assist you 24/7/365.


Accountability is a cornerstone for West Coast; representatives are able to provide trip data in real-time upon request. 


The billing department is ready to handle account inquiries requested by health care facilities, providers, and or private users.


Offering electronic billing for your convenience using conventional invoices or 1500 forms.


Transportation could be requested via email making your booking experience easier.



You can always count on West Coast; with a 0.03% grievance rate and 98.3%, on-time rate dependability and accountability are West Coast’s forte.


West Coast strives to always have the most accurate and precise information. With the confirmation process, call agents remind patients and clients of upcoming trips minimizing missed trip expenses. We are always here for you! 

Grievance Rate


On-time dependability and accountability



West Coast is a tech-driven company that wants to ensure its patients and partners have the best and most efficient experience. In the near future, any patient or partner will be able to request transports on-demand via a mobile app. This app will provide patients and partners with a real-time map showing the exact location of your driver and the estimated time of arrival. More details to come! 

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